January 24, 2015

The thread

To pick up the thread
To carry on the thread
To finish up work

The last knit accompanies me for years, because there isn’t any more accurate way to show the turning point in thoughts and the start into a new phase of life.

Myself I am standing on the edge of a precipice and recognize the immense will to resist against the current, to survive, to creatively pick up the thread. The wish to restart. To find once more the rhythm.


The last knit by Laura Neuvonen

Den Faden aufnehmen
Den Faden weiterführen
Die Arbeit zu Ende führen

The last knit begleitet mich seit einigen Jahren, weil es in keiner trefferenden Art das Umdenken und Neuanfang einer Lebensphase zeigt.

Ich stehe da, selber am Abgrund, und erkenne den immensen Willen gegen den Strom anzukommen, zu überleben, kreativ den Faden in die Hand zu nehmen. Noch einmal zu beginnen. Noch einmal den Rythmus zu finden.


January 29, 2012


Sometimes I stand by the window and think.

I reflect for so long that I can't remember having been to other places or wether simply my thoughts traveled there.

The short video created by Niels Hoebers enchanted me entirely...

Walter, A dialogue with the imagination by Niels Hoebers

March 10, 2011

Preface to myself

I am so excited and joyous about my first blog! The closer this project came to realisation the more my mind took off on its own wings.

For a very long time I resisted the idea of creating my own blog, saying to myself I don’t need this, I don’t have anything to say anyway, there are enough other blogs out there, my humble thoughts will not change the world! This is still true. But I suddenly grasp the capacity of blogging in a different light. I can finally create my own little space, hold my thoughts in one place, stay organized and open up with no expectations in return!

This is freedom! This is very inspiring! This is limitless reach!
In this sense I will proceed and see where this blog takes me!

The video The pattern Marble 4420 by Josef Frank
reminds me strongly of one of my favorite childhood books Little Blue and Little Yellow by graphic designer Leo Lionni. I could watch this video over and over again…